DATA ANALYSIS PAPER DUE: Friday, October 26, at class time NOTE: Late papers penalized at 3 points a day, up to 30 pct of grade) LENGTH: About 1,200 words (roughly 4-5 pages) POINTS: Up to 30 This paper begins your data analysis. For this, you can take a short cut and give me: **A paragraph or two of a revised introduction that you can now do since you've started looking at data **The rest of the paper should be a preliminary attempt at presenting your data as if it were a section of your paper. Please look at those examples of qualitative research on our homepage for models or examples how to write up data if you still aren't sure: 1) Turn in AT LEAST 10 pages (preferably twice that--the more the better) of your field notes. THIS IS IN ADDITION TO THE PAPER ITSELF! I *must* see your data! 2) Write up your preliminary analysis of these data. What themes (domains) emerged? What concepts do you see? You should write this as if it were part of your final paper. Apply what you have learned from Kirk & Miller, Spradley, and lectures. 3) If you cite any literature, be sure to include it in a bibliography. It would be a good idea to start including relevant research articles now, because it will save you time/effort later. 4) Although the assignment is a "data analysis," you should try to hand in as much of your paper as possible. NOTE: THE DATA ANALYSIS SHOULD BE AT LEAST FOUR PAGES -- the additional material is for feedback as you move toward your final paper.

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