James Newsome Extra Credit

POINTS: Up to 10
DUE:    Friday, September 28 at class time
LENGTH: About 300-400 words

In class today, you heard a bit of advice: When in trouble, STFU!!
It was presented with humor, but--especially for those of us
in criminal justice--it's a core principle. It was provided to
my classes by James Newsome, formerly a resident of Stateville
Correctional Center. It is also given to students by James
Kluppelberg, when I've introduced him to students in Stateville.

For this extra credit:

1) What do these two gentlemen have in common?

2) What does STFU mean in this context (you don't have to use the
actual words if you don't want to--I'll know what you mean) and why is 
it "valuable advice?"

3) How much did James Newsome win from the City of Chicago for
his experience?

4) What does this have to do with a class on research methods
that focuses on "understanding cultures from the participants'
point of view?"

REMEMBER: YOU MUST PROVIDE *COMPLETE* citatations and (if internet
search) full links.

You can send it to me as an attachment or turn it hard copy with
your papers in class on Friday, Sept 28.

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