VITA: JIM THOMAS - April, 2015

Personal Data and Academic Record

Mailing Address:
  Jim Thomas  
  Dept of Sociology
  Northern Illinois University
  DeKalb, IL  60115
  Voice:  (312) 498-9207


Current Position:               NIU Distinguished Teaching Professor (emeritus) 
                                Northern Illinois University (NIU)
                                DeKalb, IL 60115   (815-753-6436)

Academic Record
    2007-Present: Distinguished Teaching Professor, NIU (Emeritus)
    2007-2010:    Visting & Adjunct  Professor, University of Illinois/Chicago
    1979-2007     Professor - Sociology-Criminal Justice, NIU
    1980  Ph.d.   Michigan State University (Sociology)
    1974  M.A.    Michigan State University (Social Science: History, Sociology)
    1972-1974     Ph.d. Candidate, Trinity College, Dublin
                  (Ireland)(Political Science, History, Philosophy)
    1967 B.A.     Michigan State University (Social Science: History, Psychology)


Awards and Fellowships

     2008   David Maines Narrative Sociology Award  (Midwest Sociology Society)
     2003   Faculty Sabbatical for study of Teaching/Prisons
     1999   David Raymond Grant (for Online Teaching)
     1997   College of Continuing Education Grant (NIU)
            (Net Strategies and Distance Learning)
     1993   Faculty Sabbatical for study of Computer Culture
     1991   Graduate School Summer Grant (Computer Culture)
     1986   Faculty Sabbatical for study of prisoner and civil rights law
     1982   Faculty Research Grant (NIU)--study of prison law in Federal Courts
     1980   Faculty Research Grant (NIU) for study of maximum security prisons
     1979   LEAA Graduate Fellowship - impact of Federal funding on policing 
     1974   Michigan State University Graduate Fellowship

   Teaching Awards

     2005 - present      NIU Distinguished Teaching Professor
     2000-2004 University Presidential Teaching Professor
     1999      American Society of Criminology, E-Mentor of the Year
     1998-99   Nominee, University Presidential Teaching Professor
     1997-98   Teacher of the Year, Dept of Sociology
     1997-98   Nominee, University Presidential Teaching Professor
     1996-97   Nominee, University Presidential Teaching Professor
     1986-87   University Nominee, Outstanding Teacher
     1984-85   College Nominee, Outstanding Teacher
     1979-80   Teacher of the Year, Dept of Sociology (NIU)

Professional Activities

              Correctional Accreditation Managers Association
                  --(Secretary & Board of Directors, 2012-present)
              Illinois Correctional Association: Secretary (2011-present)
              Society for the Study of Social Problems
              Midwest Sociological Association
              American Society of Criminology
              Society for Study of Symbolic Interaction
              American Correctional Association
                  --(Student Affairs Committee
                  --(Dual Chapters/Joint Membership Committee)
              Correctional Education Association

Editorial Boards of:
      Past ASA's Critical Criminology Division
      Past Board of Directors: Crim. Justice Distance Learning Consortium
      Symbolic Interaction: Technology Advisor (1997-2002)
      Computer underground Digest (Editor, 1990-2000)

Areas of Interest

      Prisons / Prison policy
      Correctional standards and accreditation 
      Philosophy of punishment
      Juvenile Incercration
      Qualitative Research Methods
      Research Ethics /Responsible Conduct of Scholarship
      Historical Sociology/Culture
      Online education
      Sociology of Law
      Computers and Society / Computer Culture
      Social Theory/Political Philosophy
      Unix Systems Administration


Primary Courses Taught

University of Illinois/Chicago (2008-2010)

    Criminal Justice 
        Criminal Justice Systems (graduate)
        Corrections (undergraduate) 

Northern Illinois University (1979 - Present)

        Documentary Methods
        Qualitative Methods (graduate/undergraduate)
        Field Methods (graduate)
        Critical Ethnography (graduate)
        Contemporary Theory (graduate)
        Classical Theory (graduate)
        Dialectical Theory (graduate)
        Sociological Theory (undergraduate)

        Comparative Criminology
        Criminal Justice Systems (graduate/undergraduate)
        Criminal Procedures and Police
        Criminology (Introduction)
        Criminological Theory (graduate)        
        Juvenile Delinquency (also online)
        Law and Society (graduate)
        Nature of Crime (graduate)
        Penology and Corrections (graduate/undergraduate) (also online)
        Philosophy of Punishment (undergraduate)
        Sociology of Law (graduate/undergraduate)
        Punishment and Society (Special topics) (also online)

        Introductory Sociology
        Peace and Social Justice (graduate/undergraduate) (also online)
        Thesis/Dissertation Supervision (Phd/MA: chair, member)

     Dixon Correctional Center (2003 - 2004)
        Introductory Sociology
        Social Problems

    Stateville (Illinois) Correctional Center (1980-1986)
        Criminal Procedures
        Social Disorganization
        Sociological Inquiry
        Sociological Theory
        (and others)

    Michigan State University (1975-1978)
        Political Sociology
        Social Psychology
        Sociological Research: Dialectical theory
        Sociology Honors:  History of Social Thought
        Sociology Honors:  Existential Literature/society
        U.S. Society (social culture and problems)

    Lansing (Michigan) Community College (l975-76)
        Introductory Sociology

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Books and Edited Volumes

          J. Thomas. (In Process). Communicating Prison Culture:

          J. Thomas and B. Zaitzow (eds). 2003. Gender and Social Control 
             in Women's Prisons. Denver: Lynne Reinner.

          J. Thomas. 1993. Doing Critical Ethnography. Beverly Hills 
             (Calif.): SAGE.

          J. Thomas. 1988. Prisoner Litigation: The Paradox of the Jailhouse 
             Lawyer.  Totowa, NJ: Rowman and Littlefield.

          J. Thomas. 1983. Chicago Sociology:  The Tradition and the Legacy. 
             edited special issue of  Urban Life,  11(January),  Beverly
             Hills: SAGE.

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Articles and Chapters

                ((*) indicates Thomas as senior author)

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Panels, Workshops, and Conference Papers

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            Interactionist: How Graduate students" do it!" Midwest 
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MA and PhD Work

Masters Project: Toward a Sociology of Science Fiction, Michigan State University (1974). Doctoral Dissertation: The Relationship of Federal Sponsorship of Criminology and Policing Research in the Social Sciences. (Michigan State University, March, 1980). _________________________________________________________________

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